Mojave Mile  2014

There are currently 11 pages of images.   Due to problems with the 600mm lens that I rented, many of the runs are not well focused.   The lens rental company has confirmed that the lens had internal focusing issues at any distance past 150 ft.   Many of the speed runs which were 450+ ft. away, are not very sharp, or are completely unusable.

I am working on getting as many images as possible sharpened via post processing to put up on the web, but that is taking more time than I expected.   Please check back for updates.   *** Page 13-4 added 05/27/2014 ***

Each page of thumbnails has the time frame that the page covers shown in the page links menu bar at the upper left.   You can tell if your run might be displayed in thumbnails on that page by the times listed there.   For some thumbnail pages the day and time an image was shot is shown underneath the thumbnail, and others have the image id.   Soon all thumbnail pages will be updated to display the date and time shot under each thumbnail.

Note that clicking on a thumbnail will display a 1024 pixel wide image (for the horizontal versions).   Clicking on the 1024x image will open up an even larger 1200 pixel wide version with a bit more detail.   Clicking on the 1200x version reopens the 1024x version.   Navigating from image to image via the "previous" and "next" menu selections will retain the size last clicked until "thumbnails" is selected.  The default is always to start the large displays at 1024x size.

All images are copyrighted and have my watermark stating that fact.   However, the larger 1024x and 1200x sized images are FREE for non-commercial personal viewing and sharing with friends that are interested in racing or the Mojave Mile speed runs.   Feel free to browse through the images and use right-click to save a copy to your hard drive, as long as you do not remove my copyright watermark or use the images in any commercial way, without first obtaining my written permission.

Note that the larger screen images that you see have been re-sized for best display on a computer screen.   This is only about 5% of the full-resolution image from the camera and will not make a good print.   The full-resolution versions will in most cases make excellent prints at 11x14 and up to 20x30 inches.

For a complete set of full-resolution images I will gladly burn a CD of all runs of any participant at $20 per participant.
The Image IDs for ordering are displayed below the large display versions when displayed.   To order a CD, please write down any one of the large image numbers for that participant and send me an email or call.   I only need one good image id in order to identify the participant vehicle and will send all of the images shot for that participant/vehicle.

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   12th Close ups:   12-A
   12th Runs:   12-1 ~ 12-4
  13th Close ups: 13- A&B
  13th Runs:   13-1 ~ 13-4