Mojave Magnum  2015

This is the main index to several pages of thumbnails for viewing Mojave Magnum runs of April 11 & 12, 2015.
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   Sat. Speed runs
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  Sun. Speed runs
Completed. May 28, 2015.   The following shows the status of speed run page sets as they are completed, with run times covered and number of images per page.  
Sat. #1 .. 09:32 AM - 11:02 AM .. 128 images. Sun. #1 .. 08:25 AM - 08:59 AM .. 172 images.
Sat. #2 .. 11:05 AM - 11:56 AM .. 145 images. Sun. #2 .. 09:06 AM - 09:44 AM .. 185 images.
Sat. #3 .. 12:02 PM - 13:11 PM .. 141 images. Sun. #3 .. 09:48 AM - 11:11 AM .. 145 images.
Sat. #4 .. 13:13 PM - 14:58 PM .. 129 images. Sun. #4 .. 11:22 AM - 12:32 PM .. 135 images.
Sat. #5 .. 15:04 PM - 15:55 PM .. 147 images. Sun. #5 .. 12:33 PM - 13:26 PM .. 150 images.
Sat. #6 .. 15:58 PM - 16:43 PM .. 109 images. Sun. #6 .. 13:32 PM - 14:12 PM .. 105 images.
  Sun. #7 .. 14:13 PM - 15:01 PM .. 162 images.
  Sun. #8 .. 15:04 PM - 15:51 PM .. 135 images.

All thumbnail pages have beeen modified to display under each image the day and time it was captured.   Each page of thumbnails has the time period that the page covers shown in the page links menu bar at the upper left.   You can tell if your run might be displayed in thumbnails on that page by the times listed there, or in the list above.  

By default the images start out being displayed at a size of 1024 pixels wide (for the horizontal versions).   Selecting a different image size from the 3 options in the upper left menu bar while viewing an image, will re-display it at the size selected.   That size option will be remembered when navigating from image to image via the "previous" and "next" menu selections and going back to the thumbnails.   The size option will continue to be remembered and used until a new "thumbnails" page is selected.   The default is always to start the large displays for a thumbnail page at 1024x size.

All images are watermarked and protected by copyright.   However, the 1600x, 1024x, and 640x images displayed on this site are FREE for non-commercial personal use, and sharing with friends that are interested in racing, or the Mojave Mile and Mojave Magnum.   Feel free to browse through the images and use right-click to save a copy to your hard drive, as long as you do not remove my copyright watermark or use the images in any commercial way, without first obtaining my written permission.  

Note that the larger screen images that you see have been re-sized for faster download and display on a computer screen.   They contain about 5% of the full-resolution image from the camera and will not make a good print.   The full-resolution versions will in most cases make excellent prints up to 11x14 and and possibly as large as 20x30 inches.

For a complete set of full-resolution images I will gladly burn a CD of all runs of any participant at $25 per participant.
The Image IDs for ordering are displayed in orange at the upper right in the menu bar when the large display versions are selected.   To order a CD, please write down any one of the image numbers for that participant and send me an email or call.   I only need one good image ID or the time of a run, in order to identify the participant or vehicle.   I will send all of the images shot for that participant or vehicle on a CD.

Mike Meek Photo
P.O. Bo 41725
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 331-7667


I shot nearly 2700 images of the runs on Saturday and Sunday. The originals are saved to the hard drive in groups of 250 images in order of the time of day that they were shot.    I then review and eliminate the unusable and poorly focused images one set at a time.   This means that some sets will end up with more usable images than others.

I process the remaining images in each set, adjusting lighting and cropping for best display of the vehicle run before creating a web page for that set.   This method allows me to process an image set that covers a speed run for one of my team riders, or for someone who called/emailed after the meet, before processing image sets that contain images no one has expressed an interest in.   (I still process them all however.)